About us - APDI Edusolutions Pvt. Ltd.

Our Mission

Mr R.D. Rathoar (Founder of APDI Edusulotions Pvt. Ltd) are very conscientious with protecting your children. We will do everything rationally feasible to protect them against any threat that may arise while they are in our care. In this system , I have included various things of our commitment in providing a safe learning environment for everyone involved in our educational system.

The APDI School system continues to be proactive when it comes to protecting and providing safety & security for our students and staff. Mr R.D. Rathoar has established that safety in our schools is at the highest priority. With these uncertain times, it is important that the community and our parents know that our schools are ready in the event of an emergency or crisis.

My staff and our Department of Safety, Security & Risk Management work closely with state and local emergency management, health and law enforcement agencies that plan our community’s response to potential threats. Our school system’s safety and emergency procedures are drafted to be consistent with all our local emergency preparedness plans.

Basically, intranet and web based system of school management is supported by this software in administrator module, the school administration has absolute control over scheduling of lectures in accordance to every subject and class.

The Department of Safety, Security & Risk Management provides the first level of safety support for our schools. Each high school has a full time Sheriff’s Resource Officer and several security officers. There are also two Sheriff’s Resource Officers designated to our middle schools and support our elementary schools, as needed. Additionally First APDI Edusulotions Pvt Ltd oversees the entire Resource Protection Program and works closely with our Safety, Security & Risk Management Specialist, Mrs. LX. Rathoar, to provide additional deputy support for our schools, when required.