Managment Team - APDI Edusolutions Pvt. Ltd.


Mr. R.D. Rathoar (Founder & Director)

Under R.D. Rathoar’s leadership, APDI Edusolutions Pvt.Ltd. has grown into a leading provider of specialized business services for some of the India's well-known Schools,colleges & companies.
His vision is "We will do everything rationally feasible to protect them against any threat that may arise while they 
are in our care. In this system, We have included various things of our commitment in providing a safe learning environment for everyone involved in our educational system". R.D. Rathoar has more than 38 years of experience in the education industry and has led key strategic projects for Global 100 Schools/colleges.
He led all aspects of the finance function, and was also responsible for global information technology, security, facilities, corporate strategy and corporate development.

Mrs. R.P. Rathoar (Co-Founder)

Mrs. R.P. Rathoar is Co-Founder and President of APDI Edusolutions Pvt. Ltd. Mrs. R.P. Rathoar helps people to organize and collaborate on research projects and makes academic research more accessible and transparent.
As in research at APDI, she led a team specializing in research within Education and IT Industry.

Mrs. LX. Rathoar (Chief Managing Director, India)

Mrs. LX. Rathoar is responsible for managing operations at APDI Edusolutions Pvt. Ltd’s development centre. Under her stewardship, the company’s operations have successfully grown in personnel, infrastructure and capabilities. Mrs. LX. Rathoar has extensive experience in large-scale project management, resource and capacity management, establishing quality processes and fast ramp-ups. As head of APDI’s development centre, she is responsible for all project delivery and also acts as a liaison between customers and engineering teams. Mrs. LX. Rathoar has more than 19 years of IT & Education industry experience and ran her School.

Mr. D. Deepak  (Caretaker Managing Director)

Mr. D. Deepak is a young, energetic and widely travelled person who believes in setting examples by results. He is a dedicated and capable leader to identity new opportunities adapt quickly to unpredictable conditions and work with diverse group of people. Mr. D. Deepak is known for his quality management with optimized utilization of the resources of the trust by his enhanced decision making skill and the administrative competence.

He is determined to aid those whose current condition temporarily bars them from claiming a share of that opportunity. It is because of his concerted efforts and commitment that APDI has taken fast strides towards excellence.

Mr. R.B. Rathoar (Managing Adviser)

Mr. R.B. Rathoar is responsible for driving strategies and plans & management assistance, operations and oversees global customer management. Mr. R.B. Rathoar brings extensive experience in managing operations, with prior leadership experience in these areas at Education Systems & IT Industries.