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Control Panel

This chapter explains how to manage users and roles in APDI System using the back-end of the Server. It includes illustrated instructions on all available operations using the Control Panel such as: Creating a User Account, Adding and Editing User Details, Changing the user details of the Current User, Deleting a User. Also, there are details on Creating and Deleting a Role.

Some Features

  • Create Users: You can create users by the software.
  • User Groups: It can be used among a group of employees in a single time.
  • User Rights: Administration allows an admin to have full control on delegation of authority to the various employees so that their domain of operation may be restricted to their own department only. No employee is able to see/edit/modify the information that is not pertinent to his/her role in the organization. This acts as a great Management tool and allows authorities to have direct control over the employees’ access to the software and to the school’s information resources in general
  • Change Password: Multiple user can use their separate password and also change the password