Fee Management - APDI Edusolutions Pvt. Ltd.

Fee Management

The Fee Management Software Module of APDI System is one of the most automated fee collection modules available in the market. Apart from being automated fee Management system, , it is at the same time flexible enough to accommodate the varying nature of the fee most of the academic institutions comes across. 
The fee Management software module automatically calculates the pending fees, payment details, deduction and concessions, if any applicable to the selected student & allows paying through any mode of payment as cash/check/draft by student wise/class wise & section wise.

Some Features

  • Fees Installments Patterns (i.e. Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly wise, etc) Class / Individual number of fee Components with attributes like transport, hostel, concession, fine etc.
  • Configurable Fees Structure for various Fee heads.
  • Multiple Fees Collection System as Cash Collection, cheque & draft Collection System.
  • Separate provision for collection of Misc. Fees (as tour fee, mid - day meal, etc)
  • Online Fee Receipt Pre - Collection Fee Receipt - Generalized / Class - wise.
  • Fee collection status (fee defaulter, User wise total amount, fee receipt amount, due amount, Fee collection head wise, daily wise, weekly wise, monthly wise etc).
  • Bounce cheque details with bounce fine.
  • All the submitted fee will be reflected in accounts receipt voucher.
  • Reminder and Alert for submitted fee and due fee.
  • Master Creation
  • Role Management
  • Class wise fee head setting.
  • Fee report like : Daily Collection, Head wise collecton, Cash or Bank statement, Student wise fee account summary, Cancelation report etc...
  • Defaulter Student can be send SMS or mail
  • Customer report as per requirement.