Inventory Management - APDI Edusolutions Pvt. Ltd.

Inventory Management

The Inventory Management Software module deals with all sundry purchases, issuance of items and maintenance of stock availability. The best inventory Management software, APDI System is crammed with a number of features like generation of requisitions, covering main store and sub-stores, generation of purchase orders, delivery memo, purchase bill, purchase return, employee issue & return, main store issue & return, stock ledger, stock statements and fast/slow moving items. The inventory Management system module also facilitates a number of systematic reports useful for Inventory Control. Over the time, users can have annual reports on the consumption and cost factors of the items in inventory using our inventory Management system. Such record of the inventory also imparts a sense of accountability on the person in charge/supervisor of the use of all such items.

Some Features

  • Purchase order generation with complete details.
  • Complete inware and outware stock summary.
  • Anylevel of grouping and item classification categories wise.
  • Number of configurable units of measurement and conversion.
  • Purchase price, purchase tax and purchase discount.
  • Minimum, maxium and reorder level reminder.
  • Multiple supplier/vendor support.
  • Vendor and supplier payments tracking & reflected in account payment voucher.