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Payroll Management

The School Payroll Management Software is designed for handling of remuneration/payment for employees/staff. The School Payroll Management Software module provides generation of pay slips, provident fund statements, professional tax statements, & salary statements. Various calculation parameters, configurable as per the user requirements and the allowances and also different types of reports are available to represent the information generated. The payroll software module is capable of calculating the working days, payable amount, deductions etc.

Some Features

  • Automatic salary generation of employee based on attendance allowances assigned.
  • Maintenance of employee information and leave details.
  • Official / Personal / Salary Structure (allowances, deductions and remittances).
  • Easy search through multi-option like employee name, his father, spouse and, Qualifications, important Dates (e.g. date of joining, annual increment, releasing etc.)
  • Salary Calculation, salary generation - Designation wise / Employee wise user friendly employee record Tracking system.
  • Promotion and increment of employee providing arrears deductions and payments (e.g. DA arrears/PF Loans or any other allowance or Deduction).